Building trusted networks with PKI

With evolving business models becoming more dependent on digital documents, communications and transactions, the role and importance of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is increasing.

Today, PKIs are expected to support larger numbers of applications, users and devices across complex ecosystems whilst ensuring the security and trust of the business environment. In a world of persistent, advancing cyber threat and data breach, encryption of sensitive data and verification of user and device identity for Government, Public Sector and Organisations is crucial in the protection of Critical National Infrastructure.

Reduce the threat of cyber-attacks with PKI

As the digital world advances, so too does the importance of PKI. The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a sudden shift in the business environment, subsequently causing an increase in cyber-attacks. Meetings are now taking place over video, conversations over telephone or instant messaging, documents are being shared over email and cloud applications, and contracts signed with a mouse not a pen - all of these actions are reliant on the trust provided in PKI services and the technology involved to authenticate users and devices in what is now a digital world.

Using PKI to protect against unauthenticated IoT devices

With COVID-19 resulting in a huge increase in homeworking, trust is now extended outwards from central systems to worker’s homes; it is crucial the level of trust remains the same to refrain from losing security accreditation. In recent times we have seen an increase in Internet of Things (IoT) devices with many homes and offices now being equipped with smart appliances. Many IoT devices are unauthenticated and unpatched, posing a huge security risk to your network and systems. In order to build trust into your network, you must first establish who, what and how do you trust?

With PKI, the identity of people, devices and services can be established enabling controlled access to systems, resources, protection of data and accountability in transactions – keeping your business, networks and employees safe.

How PKI can build trust into your network

During this pandemic we need to not only reassess our social habits but also our digital ones. In this ever-growing and expanding digital world keeping your networks and devices safe is essential. Our PKI Health Check exposes hidden operational, compliance and security issues and provides specific recommendations to optimise your PKI, ensuring it meets organisational, regulatory and industrial policy.

With our expertise of business and security requirements, we can effectively deliver seamless encryption and authentication across your organisation. Using a tiered Service Desk approach, our engineers are on hand to provide subject matter expertise upon first contact and provide you with a comprehensive support model tailored to your situation.

Using assured products endorsed by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) our proven pattern based architecture provides a scalable and flexible approach to PKI that is both technically and commercially robust, and tailored to your organisation. 

Get in touch today to find out how together, we can build a trusted and scalable PKI solution tailored to your needs.

Jeff Far
Principal Engineer, Airbus Secure Communications

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