Airbus Deployable Communications and Information Systems

Meeting the demand for high-level digitalized IT and communications solutions

Present geopolitical situations and the state of current affairs dictate the need for high level digitalised IT and communication solutions that provide the necessary security and intelligence to support a mission or event of any size, type or location.

With increasing requirements to act swiftly and decisively to emerging security challenges, Airbus Secure Communications have designed and developed a secure, modular, scalable and rapidly Deployable Communications and Information Systems (DCIS), Deploy-IT.

Hear from Chand Svare Ghei, who previous to his role as Chief Engineer in Airbus Defence and Space, dedicated 13 years of his life (both in a military and civilian capacity) as a DCIS architect/engineer for NATO, as he discusses the key capabilities and features of Airbus Deploy-IT.

What is the Airbus Deploy-IT solution?

“Designed to improve the soldiers’ and mission needs, Airbus Deploy-IT is a complete IT, cybersecurity, network, video and audio collaboration system. With secure, modular, scalable and sustainable capabilities, it is designed for anti-terrorist actions, disaster relief, exploration, military missions and peace-keeping operations. Rugged in design and protected against biological and chemical elements, Airbus Deploy-IT can be set up in any location or conditions worldwide”.

“Airbus Deploy-IT solution is smaller and lighter, making it genuinely deployable while its network performance and compute power far exceeds earlier DCIS systems”.

What are the capabilities of Airbus Deploy-IT?

“Airbus Deploy-IT is a full system of systems solution encompassing all the required security and interoperability standards to support and drive a successful deployable mission, including Communication and Core services whilst containing software-orientated solution elements such as Deploy-IT Cloud, Tactical Modules and Voice Services”.

“Tailored to the needs of the customer, Airbus Deploy-IT comprises modular building blocks deployed according to the Communications and Information Systems (CIS) requirements of the mission. Due to its thorough, open-standards orchestrating solution, end-to-end services can be swiftly and reliably configured to meet specific operational needs. It is aligned to the NATO Target Architecture and DCIS Cube initiative and built on the NATO C3 Taxonomy”.

What are the benefits of Airbus Deploy-IT?

“Designed with a Commercial off the Shelf packaged approach (COTS), Airbus Deploy-IT solution delivers proven coalition interoperability compliant with the Federated Mission Networking specifications and interfaces. With tailorable and upgradable components, Deploy-IT can be adapted to the user evolving requirements, complying with common standards, reducing costs and minimising the training burden. In addition, it can be integrated with the latest technology, including Virtualised IT with multi-domain combat cloud support, tactical SDN, Micro-segmentation, Virtual networks and NFV, tailoring its capabilities to the mission environment”.

“Its modular solution, established architectural baseline, supply chain and delivery processes, result in reduced design and engineering effort, and in turn, reduced risk and improved schedule to deliver the correct services at the correct time for the Customer”.

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