Airbus Deploy-IT - Data Centre performance in smaller, lighter, deployable modules

As mission requirements have evolved over time, so too has the Airbus Deployable Communications and Information System (DCIS), Deploy-IT. Leveraging the benefits of technology advances, the Airbus Deploy-IT has enhanced its capabilities, performance and capacity, whilst reducing its physical form, making it easier to deploy.

Airbus Deloy-IT is a comprehensive System solution that encompasses Communications and Core services whilst containing software-orientated solution elements such as Information Services Modules, Tactical Modules and Voice Services. It is comprised of Deploy-IT Modules tailored to meet the Communications and Information System (CIS) requirements of the mission.

Matthew McLachlan, Principal Network Engineer at Airbus Secure Communications has worked in the network, communications and IT industry for 25 years. Having been involved in the designing and deploying of numerous complex system integration projects, Matthew is now developing products to meet the demands of deployable solutions, covering multiple technology areas to develop modular components that can be used independently or as part of a larger network. Hear from Matthew as he discusses the latest advancements in the Airbus Deploy-IT Modules.

What are the core capabilities of the Airbus Deploy-IT Modules?

A representation of Core and Remote Nodes comprising Airbus DCIS Modules, providing CIS capability to Local, Static and Federated Coalition Partners

The Airbus Deploy-IT is a suite of modular, scalable, secure, reliable, interoperable, and deployable IP network and information infrastructure components. These components are combined together to meet customer requirements resulting in a cost effective, low risk approach to building new systems or complementing existing capabilities.

Some of the core capabilities of the Airbus Deploy-IT Modules include:

• Deploy-IT Protected Core Access to network gateways aggregating WAN traffic

• Deploy-IT Network to support networking of security domains, including collaboration services, firewalls, Federated Mission Network (FMN) and interoperability to nations

•Deploy-IT Cloud and Software Defined Data Centre to host traditional and state of the art Information System services and orchestrated cloud to support any size, capacity compute and storage requirements

• Deploy-IT Secure Gateway to handle cross security domain and mission Information Rooms, providing approved and authorized information flows between different security domains 

• Deploy-IT Remote Connect to support remote extensions for DCIS Nodes 

• Deploy-IT User Access enabling LAN access for end user equipment 

• Cyber security services as well as possible interfaces for improved security 

The Airbus Deploy-IT Modules also incorporates Service Management Control Services with end-to-end service orchestration to effectively monitor and manage dynamic, complex IT infrastructure, as well as protected network solutions and capacity transported with any bearers of opportunity, be it SATCOM, Line of sight, Fibre, radio or 4G/5G. 

There are also a variety of tactical modules including; PlexOS and Magellan for the deployed and tactical arena, Everus for tactical level LTE Cell, Satellite terminals and nomadic equipment. As well as a variety of non-CIS solutions that include; shelters, protected enclosures, generators or vehicles as well as biological, chemical, EMP and anti-jamming solutions.

What are the latest advancements of the Airbus Deploy-IT?

In order to ensure the Airbus Deploy-IT Modules are adaptive for future mission requirements, further modules are being designed, built and tested to advance the DCIS capabilities and complement the existing portfolio of products. 

One of the modules currently being adapted is the Deploy-IT Cloud, a scalable and compact platform delivering server storage and processing capacity to provide a hyper converged, cloud enabled Software Defined Data Centre. We have also developed the Deploy-IT Secure Gateway in line with this platform in order to enhance the flexibility, maintenance and logistics.

In the recent advancements, the core network modules have also been adapted and split into two areas; Deploy-IT Cyber and Deploy-IT Network. The Deploy-IT Cyber will provide a set of cyber security services including the capability to host physical Cryptography units on demand, while the Deploy-It Network houses the core network and voice elements as well as the Border Control security for Voice services.

In the latest updates to the Deploy-IT Remote Connect, there are now two versions, NU and xS. The Deploy-IT Remote Connect-NU contains routing and networking connectivity to the WAN bearers and geographically remotely deployed user systems. While the Deploy-IT Remote Connect-xS has builds on the similar function and capability set as the Deploy-IT Remote Connect-NU, it adds the enhancement of Hardware Crypto for tougher security and information segregation. 

For more information download the Airbus Deploy-IT Modules Datasheet under the "Documents" section of this page or for a demonstration tailored to your requirements, get in contact with our team.

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