FSi Exhibition

31 August 2022 > 01 September 2022 Oslo, Norway
FSi Exhibition

Airbus will be exhibiting at the FSi-Messe Event this summer. An annual event, it provides the ultimate platform for Norwegian Industry to get together to discuss partnerships and their capabilities for Norwegian Defence, Police and Security agencies.

Find out how together with Airbus, you can build and maintain information superiority. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Next UHF

Secure and resilient satellite communication service. To prepare the future and to answer growing demands, Airbus has invested in continued support for operations by developing a new UHF SatCom solution, Based on a hosted payload onboard Eutelsat 36D satellite.


Airbus and OneWeb have signed a distribution partner agreement to provide low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication services for military and governmental use. As the leading provider of military satellite communication services in Europe


Designed to improve the soldiers’ and mission needs, Airbus Deploy-IT is a complete IT, cybersecurity, network, video and audio collaboration system. With secure, modular, scalable and sustainable capabilities, it is designed for anti-terrorist actions, disaster relief, exploration, military missions and peace-keeping operations. Rugged in design and protected against biological and chemical elements, Airbus Deploy-IT can be set up in any location or conditions worldwide. 


Military forces around the world need coordinated operations across air, ground, sea, cyber and in space for the purposes of realisation and providing decision-makers with the right information at the right time. To meet these challenges, Airbus has created the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud (MDCC). Enabling seamless data sharing across and between domains, communication lines and carriers for automatic selection, the MDCC provides you with the ability to share data across and between different nations, organisations and domains.

JISR - Fortion® SuRVIn InESS

Fortion SuRVIn InESS provides authorities with continuous, real-time and geographically accurate situational awareness. Using standard interfaces, it can easily connect to many different sensors on-board a multitude of drones, ships, vehicles and satellites, enabling users to rapidly create and share intelligence data with other armed forces.

AirC2 - Fortion® 1SkyControl

Fortion 1SkyControl assists air force operators in tracking and identifying airborne objects and threats and guiding of own forces to designated targets in smooth coordination with military and civil ATC agencies.

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