Innovation and Funding in Milsatcoms and Military Space Webinar

13 January 2022 Virtual event, United Kingdom
Innovation and Funding in Milsatcoms and Military Space Webinar

A joint event hosted by the IET and UKSpace is taking place virtually.

  • Date: 13th January
  • Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm GMT

The UK has ambitious plans to grow its share of the global space economy, becoming a key player and innovator in space.

The national space strategy lays out a clear vision where a collaborative approach from our government, agencies, expert institutions, commercial businesses and research sector brings together civil and defence activities.

Lower costs and technological advances have allowed the commercialisation of space, resulting in a strong and growing UK space sector. There is greater opportunity for innovators and investment in new technologies and capabilities, but it isn’t always easy for new players to enter the field and to find the necessary funding.

Representatives from Airbus, UK Space Command, the UK Cabinet Office, the University of Surrey, GrantTree and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will sit on a discussion panel, where they will explore the importance of innovation, technological advances and investment in the growing UK space sector. Presentations from a selection of SMEs will then follow.

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Virtual event, United Kingdom