Helicopter Forum

06 July 2022 > 07 July 2022 Bückeburg, Germany
Helicopter Forum

"The Worlds of Vertical Flight. Presentations – Discussions – Networking – Technology"

The 32nd International Helicopter Forum will take place on 6 and 7 July 2022.

Airbus Secure Communications is joining this event with Airbus Helicopters for the first time and we are excited to put our secure and seamless connectivity for helicopters solutions into the spotlight.

Helicopters are an integral part of modern warfare. Enabling new, advanced technologies and allowing the aircraft to better communicate whatever their mission and combat environment, is essential.

Find out more about our products and solutions for flying platforms:

Proteus Unity

Mitigating interference is a highly complex and dynamic problem that has prevented widespread roll out of beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications on rotorcraft. Proteus Unity addresses this challenge and provides a flexible waveform that mitigates interference by transmitting through the rotor blade disc. The modem system adapts to the environment it sees to ensure the most efficient, secure and resilient communications on the move.

Multi Domain Smart connectivity 

Multi-Domain Combat Cloud is about enhancing defence power through information superiority. This means cross-domain integration of heterogeneous platforms, including existing legacy platforms in its evolutionary path.


The need for information advantage is ever more critical to provide commanders with up-to-the-second situational awareness from the battlespace TO RAPIDLY make the best decisions and turn these into actions. The foundation of achieving this is based on the efficiency and effectiveness of communications that can cope with congested, contested environments and constantly moving battlespace assets.

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