Euronaval 2022

18 October 2022 > 21 October 2022 Paris Le Bourget, France
Euronaval 2022

Euronaval is the global meeting point for the international naval and maritime community. The event deals mainly with maritime security and safety, environment and transport.

For the 28th edition of the exhibition, taking place in le Bourget from the 18th to the 21st of October, Airbus Defence and Space will present secure network solutions compatible with multiple bearers and aligned with French Naval strategic ambitions: information is available anytime, anywhere.

Telecommunication is witnessing major changes that are shaping our tomorrow world. Among these different milestones, we can count the widespread deployment of 5G, the emergence of constellation in low orbit and the generalization of the Cloud. With Airbus solutions, we try to keep the pace to offer you solutions that answer your needs.

Our portfolio


RIFAN 2.1 is the IP network for the naval air forces. This is the private intranet network used by the French naval forces for exchanges of data between ships and land. It includes a capacity for using all means of transmissions available on the vessel: today, V-UHF radio, SATCOMS Geo, and tomorrow radio broadband, SATCOM MEO-LEO then optical. Rifan will integrates the aircrafts from the aero naval like the PATMAR, SURMAR and helicopters.  


COMCEPT is a secure multi-satellite broadband communication system dedicated to armed forces and especially the French navy. It equip 70 ships and aims to exploit all the geostationary constellations and by time will include LEO/MEO.

We also develop other solutions enabling the precise metrology of military networks and its exploitation for flow orchestration purposes. This aims to satisfy the Collaborative Naval Surface Warfare needs of the smart connectivity and later on, naval collaborative combat.

To finish, Airbus provides solutions like tactical communications bubbles for the navy. They are efficient and secure communications for exchanges of data between the main building and the other forces it deploys.

Join our conference

The conference will focus on the physical attributes and maturity of laser communication technology as well as their operational benefits in a highly contested environment. Preserving a discrete, secure and ultra-high throughput communication link whilst under jamming is now possible.

Subject: Laser Communication, a new way to increase your throughput and information superiority at sea 

Date and time: Thursday, October 20th, 10:30AM

Location: Hall 2B

Speaker: Yoann Jezequel, Innovation Strategic Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

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