eRIC 2022

18 May 2022 > 19 May 2022 Enschede, Netherlands
eRIC 2022

The eRIC (Disaster Management, Incident Management & Crisis Management) exhibition will take place on the 18th & 19th of May 2022. Safety professionals, knowledge institutes and suppliers of vehicles, protective clothing and equipment, robotics and 3D training applications, specialist support teams, connections and information provision will gather for 2 days at the airport of Twenthe in Enschede.

Airbus Secure Communications will be attending eRIC (Disaster Management, Incident Management & Crisis Management) exhibition where we will be showcasing our secure communications portfolio.

Come see us at booth E45

Next UHF

Secure and resilient satellite communication service. To prepare the future and to answer growing demands, Airbus has invested in continued support for operations by developing a new UHF SatCom solution, Based on a hosted payload onboard Eutelsat 36D satellite.

Satcom On The Move

The SatCom On The Move land solution has a unique capacity that enables non-simultaneous dual-bands X or Mil-Ka to guarantee constant commandment. It offers engaged units in operation a secure broadband connection with high availability to exchange videos, voice and operational flows in fast moving circumstances.


Mitigating interference is a highly complex and dynamic problem that has prevented widespread roll out of beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications on rotorcraft. Proteus Unity addresses this challenge and provides a flexible waveform that mitigates interference by transmitting through the rotor blade disc. The modem system adapts to the environment it sees to ensure the most efficient, secure and resilient communications on the move.

Laser communications

SpaceDataHighway enables high-volume data, time-critical and sensitive information to be transferred outside the vicinity of ground networks. Supporting faster and longer access to air and space assets, it securely transfers information in hostile electronic warfare environments, to enable communications and large volumes of data generated by powerful sensors to be transferred.


The new generation BLR (BLR-NG), integrated with 4G/LTE technology, is a tactical system which offers high operational performance. It offers improved, high speed voice and data exchange services to remote deployments with a high density of logistical requirements.

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