Crisis Prevention Conference

30 March 2023 > 31 March 2023 Berlin, Germany
Crisis Prevention Conference

Emergency services need robust voice and data communication in order to ensure public safety and security anywhere, anytime. Satellite Communication from Low-Earth-Orbit can serve as an additional communication layer for redundancy and information superiority. Join our joined presentation about Integrated and Connected Crisis Management  with Dominik Fanta at the Crisis Prevention Conference taking place in Berlin on March 30th and 31st in Berlin.

About the conference

  • Date and time: March 30th, 15:30 to 15:45 
  • Speaker: Dominik Fanta - Business Entrepreneur - Airbus Defence and Space Innovation Incubator 
  • Title: Integrated and Connected Crisis Management - Increase resilience and manage crisis situations through an integrated platform approach. 

Crises and disasters are challenging for public society to predict, understand and manage. The consequences of crises are loss of human life or livelihoods, material damage and economic and environmental damage. The absence of a common operational picture as well as lacking of common data collection, preparation and visualization to the decision makers hinder effective disaster management and crisis resilience. The Airbus Crisis Management System CMS including a 360° situation awareness tool delivers dynamic, real-time and predictive intelligence incl. critical infrastructure data, resource data, impact parameter and sensor data for the dynamic scenario. Within the platform both existing and future components can be integrated and work connected. Different data sources and formats are merged to one consistent data flow. It supports crisis and disaster management stakeholders and institutions in cross domain preparation, planning, coordination and cooperation as well as monitoring tasks thus improving crisis resilience.

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