CUSP Logo & Tagline

In November 2023, Airbus launched the Community for Space Prosperity. Known as CUSP this is a collaboration project with a purpose. This investment in the space sector will support the goal of the UK National Space strategy to “build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world” and “inspire the next generation and sustain the UK’s competitive edge in space science and technology”.










CUSP is a catalyst for engagement and collaboration with SMEs, large businesses, government and trade associations in the UK space sector.

CUSP is a framework to engage with schools, students, employees and partners to inspire interest in the space sector.



CUSP boosts exchange, ideas, innovation and partnership to grow jobs, capability, skills and UK leadership in the space market



UK Space Accelerator

Airbus has collaborated with Plexal to deliver an accelerator programme aimed at startups, academics and non-traditional businesses in the UK space sector.

The accelerator will enable participants to directly benefit from the extensive space heritage and technical expertise at Airbus Defence and Space, helping them to advance their technical offering, understand the commercial space landscape and build connections within the wider space industry.


Innovation and Space Hub

Airbus Defence and Space has been awarded £3.9 million from the UK Space Agency to build a space and connectivity hub at its UK headquarters in Stevenage.

Airbus will create a range of facilities at its 14 acre site available to new and existing space players to encourage growth in the wider space ecosystem.

The new facility is scheduled to open in 2025.


UK Space Manufacturing

Airbus is committed to helping develop the UK supply chain by partnering with SMEs and large businesses across the country. To build spacecraft in the UK, Airbus works with over 2,000 approved suppliers throughout the space ecosystem. From working with world leading academia on research and development, to drawing on the expertise of specialist suppliers, innovation and technological advancement in the space sector is only possible when we are working together.

Delve into the UK space ecosystem through our documentary on space manufacturing. Get an inside look at our partners’ facilities across the UK where specialist components are manufactured, before being meticulously integrated onto spacecraft at Airbus’ UK manufacturing sites.

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UK Talent and Skills

Employing 3000 people in the UK Space Sector, Airbus recruits 66 graduates, 103 apprentices & 57 Interns each year. A leading advocate for STEM education, Airbus has a UK wide school and colleges outreach programme, including work experience, mentoring, presentations, careers events and bespoke programmes with a focus on leveling up and social impact.

Airbus people visit and support STEM development in schools every week of the school term.

In fact, Airbus developed the STEM Discovery Centre in Stevenage and in partnership with North Herts college. This facility hosts 8000 children each year with a thriving STEM education programme for school visits and an all year home schooling programme for children aged 3-16.

Through competitions, challenges and visits an Airbus led graduate programme leads company connections with today’s students across UK universities. On the research front, Airbus funds 34 PhDs and research projects at 17 universities across the UK.

Active work on skills development includes a number of developing programmes for Mid career support to generate new opportunities and resources to close not just a skills gap but the experience and confidence gap. 

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